Moms live in a world of mixed messages. On one hand, we hear the world shouting “Hurry, hurry! Don’t miss this opportunity, or that opportunity…” And on the other hand, we hear a still small voice urging us to slow our pace and choose to forgo some things for the choice of something better. 

Tender moments come when we least expect them, but we can expect to experience more of them when we make a conscious effort to find and choose the things that last.

I wrote this song for moms like us. Women who don’t want to miss a thing, but just might miss the most important things…for the world. It was inspired by a short poem published in The Friend magazine in October 2000 by Rachelle Dow called, “What Lasts.” Sadly, very few things actually do.

   Video “Don’t Miss It For the World”
   Lyrics by DeAnne Flynn and Rachelle Dow
   January 18, 2009 - Weber State University

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