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Do you ever feel like your time and energy are being pulled in too many different directions? What if you had the chance to just step back, take a breath, and uncover the things that need your heart most right now? We believe there are things that most need YOU at this stage in your life. Are you ready to give them more of your heart?

Join us at the 2012 TOFW TOUR and re-discover how to "Seek the Good" in your life--all the good you can do, all the good you can create, and all the good life has waiting just for you.


Featured Book Club Selection

"This is such a great book! The author really has a sense of what 'real' families are going through. As a mother of 7, she's been in the trenches, and now has some practical and easy advice for us all. AND I LOVED HER STORIES."

- Robin

"I found this book to be not only informative and life changing but down right fun to read!"

- Judi

"Since I've read this book, I see my days differently..."

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"What a beautifully written book! With each story I cried..."

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"You don’t have to change the world..."

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